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Are You Civil?

Displaced CAD and BIM Users - Discounted & Free Autodesk Training & Certifications

An old colleague reached out to me a couple of days ago and gave me the idea for writing today's blog. So hopefully this info will assist other displaced workers still in need. Apparently many Autodesk Resellers ignore proactive marketing of this program for obvious reasons. I thought we would spread the good news while the program is still available for those who may be in ...
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The Original CAD Paradigm Shift - From the Inside Out

It's a simple principal... Change is inevitable... Change is good for business...Change and Adapt or Perish. It was a Paradigm Shift and Crossing of the Chasm that we were faced with in the Civil and Architectural World. And yes these terms are cliche but they describe exactly what had to occur since the alternate choice obviously wasn't sustainable.

Way back in the early 1980's while still attending High School I remember my Drafting Technology Teacher tell our class about a new way of Drafting and Design emerging into the marketplace. He called this new concept Computer Aided Drafting and Design or more commonly known as CADD or CAD. According to him the first CAD workstations and software cost were in the neighborhood of $100k, and that was a huge investment back in the 80's.Of course we didn't have CAD available to us in drafting class, so we continued to practice the lost art of Hand Drafting and Design.

Hand Drafting was very artistic approach to design and it took a master of the ...
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Welcome to the New Blog

This Blog has been a long time coming. I've attempted to get this up and running a couple of times in the past, but somehow life's many challenges and opposition kept getting in the way. So, now it's finally time to break the silence and ask that all important question... Are You Civil?

This Blog will not only focus on Civil Engineers as the Title might imply, but will also span across all things CAD and BIM Related including Management, Education, Methodologies, Theories, Technologies, Solutions and General Thoughts. Professionals in the fields of Civil Engineering, Surveying, GIS, Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Construction, and more will will find value to our topics of discussion as we explore our common bond and the world we all love...CAD and BIM Technologies.

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